Friday, January 01, 2010

Wandering Around Toronto

We had breakfast at a small mom-and-pop cafe called Daily Brew on Bay before heading to a bookstore a block away which claimed to be The World's Biggest Bookstore. Honestly? Not even close. The chain bookstores in Canada such as Chapters and Indigo might even have more square footage.

Later in the day, we headed to Greektown on Danforth where our parents had lived while our dad was in grad school. But since that was about three decades ago, we figured that whatever had been up back then had either been torn down or renovated beyond recognition. We had some appetizers at The Friendly Greek and bought some cookies at a local Greek bakery called Athena.

Then it was back to the Eaton Centre in downtown where I was pretty much dragged along on the next chapter on my sister's quest for the perfect boot. And you guessed it: no boot found.

Also: No blog post for the next week due to my train trip across Canada. If I can get reception on the cell I'm borrowing, any updates will be on my account on Twitter.

From 20100101_Toronto

From 20100101_Toronto

From 20100101_Toronto

From 20100101_Toronto

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