Monday, December 28, 2009

Mostly Métro

Once we finished breakfast, my sister and I headed off to the Musée Juste pour rire (or Just For Laughs Museum) because theoretically, they were open on Mondays. Unfortunately, the museum didn't have any shows scheduled for today so they were in effect, closed. So that was a bust.

That left us more time to explore Vieux-Montréal or Old Montreal. First we wandered around the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal which is an impressive and ornate cathedral. When we got there, there was a service going on in a chapel behind the main chapel--which I thought was a little odd. Afterwards, we spent a little time at a small shop called Canadian Maple Delights where we had maple tea, a maple tart, and maple gelato--definitely a recommended visitor's spot. A warning: the maple tart is very rich--so it was a good thing that my sister and I were splitting one. It was interesting sitting in the cafe and watching the snow come down outside. The atmosphere was sedate and relaxing as very few tourists stopped by. For about another hour, we wandered the shops and boutiques of Old Montreal before heading to the Métro.

Ah, the Métro. We had decided that we were going to pass or visit every single stop on the system. Before today, we had traveled partly on the Green, Orange, and Yellow lines. So today, we basically went on all of the Blue line, the rest of the Orange, and part of the Green line from Berri-UQAM to Angrignon. We will try to get the rest of the Green line to Honoré-Beaugrand and the Yellow line to Longueuil tomorrow. While one would think that this would be something tremendously boring to do--it actually wasn't so. When we got off the subway car at Côte-Vertu to take a brief look around, Métro emergency personnel rushed into the train to look for something. I don't think anyone really knew what was going on, but we're being optimistic and guessing that they were just trying to fix some sort of mechanical failure.

For dinner, we went to Café Saigon downtown. It was actually quite good. I think my sister put it best when she said that it reminded her of our parents' cooking. There's a certain quality to the food of most Vietnamese restaurants that makes their food scream "restaurant". Café Saigon had a more home style taste to their dishes. Definitely a good choice to end our day.

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From 20091228_Montreal

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